hydrate virtual lab answers com Honors. (Bright Line Spectra) empirical - Oklahoma State University–Stillwater Examine this data and complete the calculations below: Mass of crucible + cover : 21. 0 g mass of the water lost: . The word saccharide is a handy synonym for carbohydrate, because it can be preceded with a prefix indicating the size of the molecule (mono-, di-, poly-): Organic Chemistry Lab Report 4021 Words | 17 Pages. *Also print the video lab data sheet. Calculating the percentage of water in a hydrate. So we have, [1-(8. 19 Limiting reagent. Silver nitrate is toxic and stains. Generic Lab Documents Descriptive Lab Report Guide De Hydrate Lab By Maya Parks Partners: none 2/20/15 Abstract: This experiment was performed to determine the chemical formula of the hydrate copper (II) sulfate We even found the percentage of water in the compound. The data obtained from the lab is here: Determining the Chemical Formula of a Hydrate Purpose Find the molecular formula of the hydrate of Copper (II) Sulfate, CuSO4 x H20. Add 50 mL of distilled water, followed by 20 drops of 6 M \(\ce{HCl}\) (aq), to the sample in the beaker. Formula of a Hydrate. Virtual Lab Voltaic Cells Virtual Lab Voltaic Cells #2 A LEVEL HOMEWORK A2 Labs A2 Molar mass of carbon dioxide A2 Molar mass of carbon dioxide A2 Titration Curves with PH Meter A2 Melting Point of Naphthalene AS LEVEL Chemistry AS LEVEL HOMEWORK 2020-2021 AS LEVEL HOMEWORK 2020-2021 AS Resources AS BOOK AND RESOURCES AS LABS Through a combination of particulate-level representations and virtual lab activities, students learn how gravimetric analysis can be used to determine the concentration of various species in water. Each component is weighed and and the percent composition of the components is calculated. Why don't all of the amino acids travel up the paper at the same rate? 3. (Calculation errors are not acceptable answers). Answer Key: Bonding Mini-Lab. babyflix. (I provide copper II sulfate and at least one more hydrate that I have in my chemical storage. Hydrates and anhydrous compounds have unique physical properties, as the molecules organize differently. Lara’s chemistry class performed a lab in order to create a formula for a calcium sulfate hydrate. 326g Mass of crucible, cover, + anhydrous residue, final heating: 21. Clean 2. The use of silver nitrate to form the precipitate of silver chloride and gravimetrically determine the amount of chloride present in the sample is one of the most common methods employed in lab. Chemical Bonds Virtual Lab Answer Key. 96 g/cm3) Show your work! 3. 2. Lab 2: Determine the Percentage of Water in a Hydrate: The goal of this experiment is to learn how to properly calculate the ratio of salt to water, in a hydrated salt, and to calculate the percentage of water (by mass) within a hydrated salt. Background. Click “Go” and let the time (based on c) A different student heats the hydrate in an uncovered crucible, and some of the solid spatters out of the crucible. Determination of a chemical formula lab answers Determination of a chemical of the hydrate of copper II sulfate, Procedure: Access the virtual lab by clicking  6 Feb 2018 Key. Kimberly Graziano & Hyunjae Kim. This suggests that water was present as part of the crystal lattice. 6. Empirical formula of a compound – Hydrate: CuSO4*5H2O(s) → CuSO4(s) + H2O(g) CuSO4*5H2O(s) → CuSO4(s) + H2O(g) Beige coluor change. To Answers - jasinshop. The only information we were given was that the value of X is somewhere between one and ten which indicates the number of water molecules there are that hydrate the copper (II) sulfate solid. I assume you're doing a lab in which you have to determine the empirical formula of copper (II) sulfate  Regents Chemistry LAB 18: Formula of a Hydrate Ms. The water is present in a definite and consistent ratio. Use a flame test to observe the color produced when metal ions are heated. 0662g-1. Purpose: In this lab you will determine the formula of the hydrate of copper II sulfate, virtually. 1) What is the purpose of this lab? 2) What physical properties, other than specific heat, could you use to help you identify the metal samples? 3) Why is water an excellent material to use in the calorimeter? 4) What substance lost heat in this experiment? 5) What substance gained heat in this experiment? Formula of a Hydrate Comments (-1) Heating and Cooling Curves Lab. ionic. 244 Mass of crucible + cover + hydrate: 22. All these concepts were learned in class, and this Natural gas hydrates form in deep-sea sediments in cold conditions and under pressure, the same environment found in undersea oil pipelines. keybonding_mini_lab. What you’re left with is a totally embarrassed, naked egg and a cool piece of science. pdf : Chapter 10 : Determing the Formula for a Hydrate : 18-21: Gases gases *Print the note taking guide on molecular formulas and hydrates. The first frame shows an evaporating dish with crystals of copper II sulfate, hydrated form. 83 g. Determination of the Empirical Formula of Copper Chloride Lab. Lab 3: This lab examines quantitative and qualitative chemical analysis. The kit offers a complete setup of both a primary site server running ConfigMgr Current Branch Lab 3: Quantitative Analysis. 9 Nov 2011 Most common used flex styles*/ /* Basic flexbox reverse styles */ /* Flexbox alignment */ /* Non-flexbox positioning helper styles */  31 Jan 2010 Please watch and comment on my video lab I created. Formula of a Hydrate Introduction. Show work, include units, and put your answers in the blanks. html 285 g a What is the by mass of water in the sample b What is the formula of the hydrate Title Virtual Lab Determining the Formula of a Hydrate Purpose In this . Need Help? Help FAQs Oct 20, 2019 · This Kit builds a complete ConfigMgr v1606/1610 with Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016 SP1 infrastructure, and some (optional) supporting servers. oz. 3 Lab - Building a Simple Network Answers. (1) What is the purpose of this  Answer to Virtual Lab Simulation: Hydrate and Graphing Lab Procedure was taken from ChemDemos from the University of Oregon Link t The Virtual Lab is an online simulation of a chemistry lab. Definition of precipitation gravimetry, and an example of using precipitation gravimetry to determine the purity of a mixture containing two salts. Determination of the Stoichiometry of a Hydrate of Copper(II) Sulfate chemdemos. O. Let us look at the big picture What is a hydrate? Hydrates are solid ionic compounds that contain water that is chemically bound in the crystal. pdf: File Size: 457 kb: File Type: pdf: Download File. From Part II: Describe the order of metals from those that bubble most to those that bubble least, or not at all. These scents, at the beginning of the lab, smelled horrible. Name _____ Prelab for hydrate lab. 13. Make sure you have taken the correct concentrations of each solution. Divide by the  Virtual Lab: Formula of a Hydrate In this lab, a known quantity of a hydrate will be dehydrated by heating. Lab 5 Jan 13, 2013 · Formula of a Hydrate Lab Wednesday October 29, 2014 Chemistry Honors Purpose This lab was done to determine the percentage of water in a hydrate, which was CuSO4 ?H20. Observe the bright line spectra (emission spectra) for various elements. Assignments. Lab coats protect your clothes and off er an extra layer of protection between you and the reagents you are working with. pdf] - Read File Online - Report Abuse Jul 05, 2020 · Chapter 7 hydrate lab - how to do the math worksheet Chapter 7 extra math problems to practice (with answers!!!) Optional extra work to do over holiday break to make your grade go up in 2020! Jan 30, 2015 · Marked as answer by MedicalS Microsoft contingent staff Monday, August 11, 2014 2:49 AM; Thursday, July 31, 2014 2:20 PM. For example, Wednesday lab report is due on next week Wednesday. Not only the percentage of water can be found, the moles of water can be found per one mole of anhydrous salt. In this lab the processes of dehydration synthesis and hydrolysis will be studied. pka file completed and pdf file The goal of this lab is to identify all five of the unknown white powders you are given. 8040g mass lost after second heating could be 3. The idea is very simple. Background: Hydrates are ionic compounds (salts) that have a definite amount of water (water of hydration) as part of their structure. . Show how you determined your answer. The crystals change form, even color sometimes, as the water is driven off. Record the combined mass of the beaker plus sample on your lab report. Unit 3 Workbook KEY LAB: Moles of Chalk LAB: The Molar Volume of a Gas LAB: The Synthesis of Silver. is when a seed begins to sprout and grow. Yeah, this is a new coming book that many people really want to read will you be one of them? Of course, you The class average for the percentage of water in the hydrated copper (II) sulfate compound was 28. Calculations. Give an example  1 Answer. If a measured quantity is written correctly, which digits are certain? Which are uncertain? 2. Balskus lab demonstrated oxidation-reduction reactions the relations between chemical biology professor bassam z. The laboratory offers you minimal wait times and friendly, personalized customer service in Longmont. The physical properties of a substance such as flame color, crystal structure, solubility, conductivity and melting point of a substance tell us a lot about the type of bonding in a compound. The molar mass of hydrates MUST include the mass of the water molecules attached to the ionic compound. The purpose of this lab is to identify the number of moles of water in an ionic hydrate by heating the ionic hydrate to remove water. Virtual lab: gravimetric determination of arsenic. Pelcman Purpose: To calculate the. Calculate the mass percent of water in each hydrate. Organic Compound Ester Lab 1. Virtual Titration Lab Answers calendar pridesource. There are also additional resources such as case studies, vendors and authoring tools. in/bxd8/possible-sources-of-error-in-hydrate-lab. Chapter 10 Hydrate Lab - Dry Lab Data HW Guided Lab: Chemistry: Atomic Models and Spectroscopes: Ted Clark: UG-Intro: Lab CQs: Chemistry: Light Emission and Lasers: Debra Krause Dandaneau: UG-Intro HS: Other Lab: Physics: Models of the hydrogen atom: Paul Burgmayer: HS: Lab: Bohr model of the atom for Chemistry: Emily Haynes: HS: HW Lab: Chemistry: Model of the Hydrogen Atom Chemistry 11 Mcgraw Hill Titration Lab Answers 79769659 chemistry matter of change pdf atmosphere of. 2013-2014 Visiting Lecturer, University of Oregon. Stir the contents of the beaker until the sample has entirely dissolved. When evapo Dashboard. The process is to record the tare weight of a clean crucible. Titration screen experiment. show all work . Washington's website<br />2015 - 2016 Virtual Lab Voltaic Cells #2 Percent Composition of a Hydrate Lab record and analyse data so that they can answer questions related to the activity. Click the yellow arrow to go to the next page where you can start the experiment by starting the time. Your lab will be late if not turned in at the correct time. Using fiber p 5. INTRODUCTION:Hydrates are ionic compounds that have a number of water molecules attached as part of their structure. 16 NO SCHOOL 17 NO SCHOOL 18 Stoichiomentry. We start back to Virtual School tomorrow. Some of your answers will be used throughout the lab. Students review precipitation reactions and use the virtual lab to find out which chemicals react to form a precipitate. UNIT 2 Practice Test. Jul 05, 2020 · Bell Schedule-Virtual Learning; Policies- Answers to FAQ about School Policies; Ch apter 10 Hydrate Lab. Lab 4-17 Configuring Switchport Spanning Tree BPDU Guard. Watch the video and complete the exercises. 02460 moles. Video to get data Molar mass of a gas. 24g – 8. Show all work and use sig digs and units . 94 g of a mixture containing anhydrous MgCl 2 and KNO 3. 20mL of solution is pipetted into a 250 mL beaker. Use a sterile pipette. from which a new plant can grow. The conclusion for this lab will consist of the answers to the discussion questions below, plus a brief summary paragraph. Calcium sulfate is a white solid found as two hydrates, a hemihydrate known as plaster of Paris and a dehydrate known as gypsum. The horizontal densitometer (left) was offset from the center line to monitor deposition on the upper pipe wall, while the vertical densitometer (right) monitored liquid holdup in the system. Formula of a hydrate % yield. 840g Now, I need to know how to do the calculations. What are amino acids used for in the body? Where do they come from? 2. Address: P. No food or gum in class. Lead, Copper 4. 2 Lesson Overview AR T K IN ETI C T Solvation of an Ionic Solid TU O R C H E M Finding the Percent by Mass of Water in a Hydrate Small-Scale Lab Manual Lab 25: Hard and Soft Water O V E R I W L E lab activities. Purpose. Place hydrogen into the list. Read section 6. 3. Chem 1100 final exam review Chemistry 122 - Lecture notes Lectures spanning the entire year CHEM122-Discussion Worksheet 11-keys Final Exam a, answers Chem Lab report 7 Chem lab report 8 Formula of the hydrate: MgSO4 • 4H2O Other than causing people to go crazy and/or eat people's faces off and being an excellent substance for bath time relaxation, magnesium sulfate is a prime compound for hydration labs. Magnesium 2. Print out this page also. Mix each with a stirring rod; all of the solutions should appear red. Free download . Then, I gave them one more assignment: Obtain 1. Don't have an account yet? Register. You must . Chemistry lab competencies Candle lab- pre-lab Friday Sept 27th: Candle lab - DUE Air pressure and KM answers. E, and the atomic masses on the periodic table calculate the theoretical percentage of water present in the hydrate. 74g = 1. In the second experiment, a student is given 2. Proudly powered by Weebly : In this lab you will calculate the percent composition of water in a hydrate and determine the empirical formula of the hydrate you are working with. This collection of over 200 practical activities demonstrates a wide range of chemical concepts and processes. I am trying to get an idea of how I could use video labs with my chemistry course or  Hydrate Lab Answers. Germination. Watch this video to see how the Unknown Hydrate Lab was run. Feb 06, 2019 · On Jan. Check your answers with the video lab solutions under the video. doc : 12 : States of Matter & Intermolecular Forces chem_intermolecular-forces-presentation_2017-12-05. Lab Safety: Lab safety is of the utmost importance since many of these labs will be student-directed inquiry based labs involving potentially dangerous chemicals. Calculate Actual Yield: Find the percent of water lost from the original hydrate. Identify unknown metals ions based on the results of the flame test. Sep 20, 2016 · Thermochemistry virtual kitchen the way up an affordable chemistry classroom the chemistry. Using a spatula, add approximately 5 g of copper (II)sulfate hydrate crystals to the crucible. ) How are V. The goal of this lab is for you to discover some of the properties of ionic compounds. hydrates (1) immune system (1) informational text (5) inquiry (1) insects (2) integumentary system (1) interactive notebook (25) invasive species (1) invertebrates (2) lab (40) lab activity (1) lab equipment (2) lab safety (11) lab station activities (3) lab tips (13) Labor Day (1) laboratory (16) labs (5) leaf pigments (2) lichens (2) math and Previous Previous: Virtual Lab: Hydrates Next Next: Percent Composition (Computer Lab) Procedure: The given barium chloride solution is made up to 100mL in a standard flask. Lab coats are also recommended. I'm going to school later to scan the answer keys for the problems and notes from last week. xH2O. The term carbohydrate is actually a descriptor of what these molecules are composed of; carbon hydrates, in a ratio of one carbon molecule to one water molecule (CH2O)n. Test 1 Study Le Chatelier and Equilibrium Answers the lab. acid base titration volumetric analysis lab answers. Note: Excessive heat (≥60°C) will destroy ampicillin. Solorio Special Education Director Austin Independent School District Austin, Texas John A. heating should be carried out to reduce risk of FeSO 4 decomposing, use a well-ventilated lab  Possible sources of error in hydrate lab lasergases. […] Dec 13, 2016 · A pair of gamma densitometers helped SwRI measure hydrate deposition within the virtual-long flow loop. Antonopoulos at Salve Regina University. ” The next link will take you to a Merlot portal specifically constructed for virtual labs with tabs for: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth/Environmental Science, Engineering, and Math. Using your answers from “1” and “5” above calculate the actual number of grams of water present in Percent of Water in a Hydrate. Smaller than the Salomon 12 Set but with the same great fit and features, this hydration pack has what you need to fuel and hydrate yourself through shorter endurance races at full speed. The original percentage stated resulted in a calculated hydrate formula of 2CuSO4+5H2O. 2015–present Senior Instructor II, University of Oregon. 32 g For example, if stoichiometry predicts that the reaction will produce 4. Introduction In this lab, our purpose was to calculate the value of X in the chemical equation CuSO4 ∙ XH2O using our knowledge of percent composition. Merlot (Virtual Labs) Quick results you can trust Timely, accurate test results are an integral part of your care. A new penny has a mass of 2. Use the slider to set the methane hydrate reservoir size to around 800. PURPOSE: To determine the percentage of water in a hydrate. Always wear safety goggles and a lab apron to protect your eyes. acid base titration lab questions and Apr 12, 2007 · We did a lab at our school recently but some of the questions regarding the lab confused me. Using the actual formula of the hydrate given to you by Mr. Virtual lab: finding ratios. 3); Correct calculation for water lost; Q1 - Moles of water lost; Q2 - moles of  Palermo's Flipped Chemistry Classroom Page 1 of 3 Virtual Lab: Hydrates Background: Hydrates are ionic compounds (salts) that have a definite amount of water (  Virtual Lab: Hydrates PSI Chemistry Endorsement Name J. According to WiseGEEK, tare weight is the weight of an object (such as a jar, a cup, or, in this case, a crucible) when it is empty. hydrate lab Digication ePortfolio :: General Chemistry (Alexander Antonopoulos) by Alexander P. Friday, October 16 at 9 AM via email. net. Heat stirrin pick u the he 9. I have the: mass of the hydrate used: 2. When distille 11. This can be as simple as drinking a glass of water when you get home, or if you CCNA 2 Activities Lab Manuals Packet Tracer Instructions Answers CCNA v6. The dot in the formula shows that for every mole of calcium nitrate in the hydrated crystal, there are 4 moles of water. Newton's Second Law Lab Answers. So you just subtract them, 10. Methyl orange is a good For Unit 8 Exam AND the castle learning assignment: [Due 3/29] Unit 8 Biomrediation of Oil Spills Virtual Lab. 49 g and a volume of 0. This gives them an insight to a “physical change” rather than a “chemical change”. barium hydroxide . 9 Sep 2020 The Gerdin College of Business provides two pools of computers and virtual machines with a variety of software to all current Business students. There are some differences between the materials/procedures used in the virtual lab and the materials/procedures on the sheet. 12 NO SCHOOL. This indicates how strong in your memory this concept is. Virtual ChemLab Virtual ChemLab allows students to explore, devise experiments, make mistakes, and learn in a safe, level appropriate setting and is divided into products for General and Organic Chemistry. Produced and compare this with the theoretical yield of hydrogen, as calculated based on the original mass of magnesium using stoichiometry. The Spirit of Adventure is Upon Me : Deriving the Empirical Formula for an Oxide of Copper Nov 12, 2016 · Virtual Lab: Formula of a Hydrate Background: Many salts which have been crystallized from a water solution appear to be perfectly dry, yet when heated yield large quantities of water. 800-381-8003 or uncertainties in a safer lab, ph. Percent Labs. (The Empirical Formula of a Compound is the simplest whole number ratio between the elements of a compound) If one can synthesize a compound from elements, then it is possible to determine an experimental empirical formula for the compound, from its molar and Additional information. With this in mind, here’s the tricky part: the nutrient agar solidifies at 27°C, so you must be careful to Managing Water Quality From Source to Tap. Lab Report for Unit 9. The 25 most common nursing interview questions and answers to prep for any nursing interview. Stefan V. The quantitative analysis of a hydrate is carried out to determine the Hydrate means that it contains water and anhydrate means the substance has lost water during the process. % Progress . Experiment 1 ·∙ Hydrates. 18, Mrs. You will need to develop your own procedure for this lab by reading the material given in this hand out. Have students work on the pre-lab proposal report during class. UNIT 3 Practice Test KEY. dry, you need to hydrate the ampicillin. A compound that has water as part of its crystal structure is called a hydrate. Drinks can Or visit Skratch Labs and look at their Hyper Hydration Mix. Read the following: Background: A seed is part of the plant containing the . You can use any metals that you might have available. PRE-LAB Hydrates “water of anhydrou The Δ sig accurately due to the In this exp (II) sulfate This inves reactions, PURPOS The purpo PROCED 1. Mix it well and boil it for one minute in the water bath and allow to stand for a few minutes. com/watch?v=IdpU6YB-WFI. Determine the  crystalline hydrates, the number of moles of water driven off per mole of the anhydrous Organizing Conclusions Using your answers to Calculations Items 2, 4, and V . MASS OF Pre-lab: Complete the table and answer the 3 prelab questions that follow – show your  A solid which is hydrated contains 'water of crystallisation'. br Chemfax Lab 21 Answers - bitofnews. Do this by adding 3 mL of transformation solution to the vial to rehydrate the antibiotic. Try this "Formula of a Hydrate" experiment. #14 ) · Answer Key for Problem Sets #13 & 14 · Bonding Mini-Lab · ANSWER KEY:  The molar mass of anhydrous magnesium chloride is 95. Get help with homework questions from verified tutors 24/7 on demand. Retakes will be during office hours next week. It is designed to help students link chemical computations with authentic laboratory chemistry. Refresher on writing and balancing equations. In order for a seed to germinate, conditions must be right. Place back 8. Name the hydrated crystal used in this lab. Th e bookstore sells goggles and lab coats at a reasonable cost. Lab 17 Virtual Titration Lab Answers Virtual Lab 1 Work on Candle Lab (Pg. Percent hydration is equal to one subtracted to the mass of anhydrate divided by the mass of hydrate multiplied by 100. Instrument Limitations general search result for “virtual labs. Virtual Seed Lab. 5. You’ll need to adjust the volume required depending on the number of lab groups. Virtual Lab Hydrate. The ratio of the masses of the elements in a compound, while constant, does not tell anything about the formula of a compound. com. neither an oxide nor a hydroxide Small-Scale Lab Manual Lab 24: Electrolytes Lab Practical 15-1: Electrolytes and Nonelectrolytes Probeware Lab: Electrolytes O V E R I W L E SO N E 15. Lesson 89* *Print the virtual lab directions and data You may edit the lab to meet your specific needs and make copies for use with your classes. Silver 2. Know what they’ll ask in advance and prepare for the top interview questions for nurses with a time-tested approach. 3 in your textbook before working on the following take-home lab Objectives: • Students will demonstrate the process of dehydration synthesis by combining the monomers of carbohydrates. Release water upon heating 2. google. Check your video quiz answers with those on page 10. a Virtual Lab Write-up Remote Assignment 9/2 (DUE 8 Sep) 15min to read and respond to question 2, 5min submit your answers Read and Download Ebook Virtual Lab 7 Chemistry Answer Key PDF at Public Ebook Library VIRTUAL LAB 7 CHEMISTRY ANSWER KEY PDF DOWNLOAD: VIRTUAL LAB 7 CHEMISTRY ANSWER KEY PDF Come with us to read a new book that is coming recently. mass lost after first heating 4. Hydrate Lab. Advanced Chemistry Experiments for AP*, IB**, and Honors Chemistry Teacher Guide 21st Century Science PASCO scientific 10101 Foothills Blvd. edu/demos/Determination-of-the-Stoichiometry-of-a-Hydrate-of-CopperII-Sulfate-Computer-Simulation ANSWER KEY · MORE FUN WITH MOLECULAR GEOMETRY do with P. compound that is . Le Chatelier’s principle predicts that an addition of heat to an endothermic reaction (heat is a “reactant”) will shift the reaction to the right (product side). Okay so for my chemistry lab, I do not know how to answer some questions based on this lab. In the 14th Edition, all experiments were carefully edited for accuracy, safety, and cost. Use common substances and determine if they are ionic or covalent . Each lab comes complete with background information, procedures and a lab manual. Our lab groups heated the hydrate CuSO4 xH2O in order to evaporate the water in the compound, and measured the mass change that occurred. R CHEMISTRY LINKS MR HALPER S TEACHER WEBPAGE. This is a fun introduction to the concepts of percent composition (and they can eat the results!). This vocabulary activity is a good introduction, as one of the main objectives of this lesson involves calculating different masses based on the number of neutrons. Most You can purchase any commercial yeast packets from a supermarket. This is a resource from the Practical Chemistry project, developed by the Nuffield Foundation and the Royal Society of Chemistry. The next source is a titration simulator were you can find the concentration of an acetic acid solution, the concentration of a weak (unknown) acid solution, and the pKa of a weak (unknown) acid solution. ) Find the percent of water present in the sample. Mr Palermo Spectroscopy Lab Answers. 05 M NaSCN (sodium thiocyanate), 2 drops of 0. Pre-labs and questions were revised and new experiments added concerning solutions, polymers, and hydrates. 5. Goggles and lab apron and gloves should be worn at all times during the lab. If you do not have the proper gear, you cannot participate in the lab. Stahl [Filename: Lab-Hydrates-H. At the context of the mass and due-0231086 overview. throughou. Your water’s journey starts as mountain snowpack and ends with the clean, great-tasting water that comes out of your tap. 01 g, and record the mass in your data table. Each of these powders can be superficially described as a “dry white powder”, but they have different chemical and physical properties. Beer’s Law Lab (above) Chemistry of the transition metals Conductivity Solid state, metals, manipulation of physical structure to achieve specific properties Semiconductors Solid state, metals, manipulation of physical structure to achieve specific properties Nuclear Chemistry Nuclear equations, half-lives, radioactivity, Lab #5 The Empirical Formula of a Compound Introduction A look at the mass relationships in chemistry reveals little order or sense. Answers to Chemistry End of Chapter Exercises. Obtain a stand with a ring clamp from the back of the lab. You have remained in right site to start getting this info. g a 12 c manitoba. Use the data and observations from this video to answer the follow up questions. Chapter 12 : 13 : STEAM PROJECT : 14-17 : The Mole _mole-calculations-presentation_2018-02-16. 0662g = 1. Laboratory Safety. chemistry 11 education and early childhood development. 14. acquire the calorimetry virtual lab answers belong to that Page 1/26 Complete the folowing and submit your answers as a word document in Canvas. Prepa 3. 349 cm3. In this experiment, you will predict and observe a limiting reactant during the reaction which involves the reduction of copper (II) chloride dihydrate. Any inorganic compound containing halogen can be made into aqueous solution and treated by silver nitrate to obtain the precipitates of silver halide. Only RUB 220. This lab examines quantitative chemical analysis by examining two analyses that of a metal carbonate and of a hydrate. 8702g - 3. I have to find X in this formula CuSo4 xH20 from my data from the lab, but I don't know which data to use for it. It may help for you to do the extension questions ahead of time so you have an answer key. Ratios vary in different hydrates but are specific for any given hydrate. Make a compound from two elements in this lab . In order to determine the percent composition and the empirical formula of a hydrate, you must know how much water is in the hydrate. 1) S 1)1 ketch of red blood cell in isotonic solution 2) 2) Sketch of red blood cell in hypotonic 1. This spattering will have what effect on the calculated mass of the water lost by the hydrate? Justify your answer. Simbio_virtual_lab_answers Share Showcase – Teaching Online Science Labs: Biology Share Showcase – Teaching Online Science Labs: Biology by Online Network of Educators 2 months ago 1 hour, 1 minute 315 views Tanya Hoerer teaches biology lab classes using OER resources and , virtual labs , /simulations. The compound in the crucible is hydrated copper (II) sulfate, CuSO4 (H20)x - also written CuSO4. I have posted web versions of my PowerPoint presentations , which can be viewed as Flash movies within your browser or downloaded for offline viewing in the new . Using mass hot be tends 6. May 30, 2020 · How to Hydrate This Summer When drinking fountains are not an option for hydration, you’ll need to either carry fluids with you or plan your routes so you can access them along the way. One goal of this course is to introduce you to the record keeping methods used in research labs. There must be enough moisture, and the right temperature. Toggle Search; Bubble gum lab chemistry In this lab you will determine the formula of the hydrate of copper II sulfate, Procedure: Access the virtual lab by clicking on the following link: Chemistry Dept IA State - Formula of a Hydrate 1. Virtual Pocket Seed Viewer, 6 An overview of the online virtual pocket seed viewer Measuring, 7 Measuring shoots and roots and how to make your own flexible ruler Analyzing the data, 8-9 An overview analyzing and summary of graphs Tools, 10-14 Data cards, data entry tables and graph paper Lesson Plan Example, 15-17 Feb 10, 2020 · Virtual Lab: Formula of a Hydrate; Virtual Lab: Vinegar Titration The power points have been changed so the answers to the "learning check" problems are <a href="https://docs. You can obtain your crystals while your crucible is cooling. docx. 32 g but the lab measurement is 3. May 02, 2011 · The unknown hydrate was identified as Barium Chloride Dihydrate, BaCl 2 • 2H 2 O. During the lesson, watch and listen for instructions to take notes, pause the video, complete an assignment, and record lab data. com/document/d/1_na8sT8cF4qQJ6xREV9Kkd65G7Quv2MGeoXPYHMK9lA/edit?usp=sharing">Practice Final Exam Answers</a> Unknown noreply@blogger. Compilation of the 5 Types Chemical Reactions. 8040g = 1. rar - DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1) mr palermo spectroscopy lab answersmr palermo virtual spectroscopy lab answers b2eb4bd366 LAB: Investigating the Chemical Properties of 4 Liquids LAB:The Formula of a Hydrate. 3 Model answer 2 Who did you like most at your last school? Virtual Lab Answers Calorimetry Virtual Lab Answers Recognizing the showing off ways to get this book calorimetry virtual lab answers is additionally useful. LAB: PROPERTIES OF IONIC COMPOUNDS (50pts) Introduction. Conversions using Dimensional Analysis Homework: Practice Problems (3 out of 5) Jun 09, 2015 · It is calculated by dividing the amount measured in the lab by the amount predicted using stoichiometry and multiplying by 100%. chemistry 11 mcgraw hill titration lab answers. Next, answer the following questions about the lab: 1. Sophomore Michael Bilodeau personally finds hands-on labs to be a joyful Lab - Determining the Chemical Formula of a Hydrate - Quia Record your answers above. Pause the video as needed. Exhibit Hydrate Lab Conclusion 🎓In this first lab we attempted to discover which of the materials given to us were hydrates by heating them and then dissolving them in water. • You are required to submit your post lab report (data and post-lab questions) in a timely manner. Determine the mass of the crucible and cover to the nearest 0. Question: Lab 6 Assignment (Empical Formula Of Hydrates) - Saved To This PC Alemayehu, Bersabet! Draw Design Layout References Mailings Review View Help Search PURPOSE: To Determine The Percentage Of Water In A Hydrate. 01 M Fe (NO3)3 solution, and 3 drops of deionized water. Answer these questions and hand them to the TF before beginning work. 5g of water is lost. 79%. Simulation Molar mass of vapor - Eduweblabs. Answer sheets for follow-up quest The materials list for this lab is simple: a balance, a graduated cylinder, and different pieces of metal. 100 M NaOH was required to react completely with 0. Click on the right arrow. Lab: Determining the Composition of a HydrateFor students in Grades 8-12. 1990-1998 Associate Professor, Iowa State University, 1988-1990 Associate Professor of Chemistry and Director of Freshman exercises that follow the reviews. Skip To Content Properties of Hydrates. Procedure: Part I. Calculate mass of hydrate used. See your classroom teacher for specific instructions. Labs: Virtual lab: formula of a hydrate. ) What is a hydrate? 2. Hydrates can be described in terms of the mass percent of water present. It is a visually appealing activity, that my 10th graders love every year! Product includes pre-lab questions, lab handout, post lab quiz, answer keys to everything, and various students supplemental han The formula for the hydrated crystal tells how many water molecules are attached to each formula unit of crystal. Most middle and high school labs will have pieces of aluminum, copper, magnesium, lead, and zinc. Procedure: Access the virtual lab by clicking on the following link: Chemistry Dept IA State - Formula of a Hydrate 1. For instance, while water always contains the same amount of hydrogen Apr 22, 2011 · that do not have a micro lab available Associated with false negatives – Use caution if a negative dipstick test results in a patient with symptoms of a UTI – Dipstick is specific, but not very sensitive • Sensitivity related to bacterial load – Perform a urine culture Tests Aug 08, 2013 · Pre-lab Questions: Read the relevant textbook sections and the entire lab before answering pre-lab questions. The actual hydrate formula for the copper (II) sulfate compound was CuSO4+5H2O. If you want paper copies of the notes and slides, you can pick them up at the high school tomorrow between 9:00 am - 1:00 pm. Features 5-liter gear capacity shaves weight off the 12 liter version, which helps you shave time off your race Virtual Lab 1 Answers Curious chemists review the finer points of titration using a video from JFR Science. This lab allowed us to observe how hydrates, crystalline structures containing water, can be turned into anhydrous compounds once the water is removed. In percent https:// www. the lab table, and allow them to cool for 5 min. 87 g. Virtual Lab. The hemihydrate is a white solid as shown in the figure below. Mr Palermo Spectroscopy Lab Answers rar The Face Of Hate. LAB Report 2 - Qualitative Analysis of Ions LAB Report 3 - Classification of Chemical Reactions LAB Report 4 - Determining the Empirical Formula of a Hydrate LAB Report 5 - Volumetric Analysis of an Antacid LAB Report 6 LAB Report 7 - Colorimetric Determination of a Food Dye Formula of a Hydrate Lab Wednesday October 29, 2014 Chemistry Honors Purpose This lab was done to determine the percentage of water in a hydrate, which was CuSO4 ?H20. Bubble gum lab chemistry. Biddle Your completed lab report will include this page and your answers to the questions on the next  Download Ebook Vcl Chemlab Answers. Instructions Before viewing an episode, download and print the note-taking guides, worksheets, and lab data sheets for that episode, keeping the printed sheets in order by page number. Equipment and Materials · Safety Googles Download. Hydrochloric acid is extremely corrosive and will irritate skin. They are crystalline compounds that have a specific number of water molecules trapped within the crystal lattice. worksheet. In order for the compound to be deemed as a hydrate it had to: 1. UNT professor's virtual lab may hold key to This lab will walk your students through calculating moles, stoichiometry and empirical formula. 0, Routing and Switching Essentials. Sep 23, 2013 · Like I mention, you can use the PowerShell to document it, or to get the object and serialize it, but you cannot simple re-hydrate it and have it work on a different Hyper-V Server. uoregon. Is the penny pure copper? (d copper = 8. Tutorial: ver :) Virtual Chem Lab Electrolytes 2-4: Alkene Hydration – 2 Alkene. Autograded Virtual Labs. 14: 15 NO SCHOOL. Tomorrow and Thursday we will discuss the end of the quarter, retakes and the rest of the year. Pre-‐lab questions. 1998-2013 Professor of Chemistry, Iowa State University. Lab 3 Pages 109 - 115 Pre-lab pages 111 - 112 Post lab questions page 114 - 115. There were three separate mixtures containing both alcohols and acids that all had different scents. text/html 8/4/2014 7:27:17 PM John Friel 0. com Chemfax Lab Answers Buffers In Household Products Chemfax Flinn Scientific Inc Chemical Reactions Answer Chem Fax Lab 16 Answers Ausden - backpacker. Virtual settling lab. Box 219 Batavia, IL 60510: Phone: 800-452-1261: Fax: 866-452-1436: Email: flinn@flinnsci. It is generally possible to remove the water of hydration by heating the hydrate. Chemical Compounds: Composition, Stoichiometry and Yield Introduction In. Virtual Lab Hydrates Instructure. Simbio virtual lab answers Legacy. It is a good idea to read the answer explanations to all of the questions, because you may find ideas or tips that will help you better analyze the answers in the practice tests. S. Thus, pick an indicator that changes color in the acidic range and brackets the pH at the equivalence point. Safety First Our labs require students to select personal protective safety equipment, dispose of materials in a waste bin and place glassware in the sink for washing after completion of the experiment. mole ratio explanation % O in KClO3. Get your career off life support, walk into the nursing interview ready and calm, and land that dream job! chem_virtual-lab-covalent-bonding-answer-key_2015-12-03. van buren county iowa alltron de. glencoe chemistry chapter 16 solutions manual. Allow anhyd reabs 10. Part 1: Our Acidifying Oceans Virtual Lab . A salt is an . Unit 4 Workbook Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 KEY-1 KEY-2 LAB: Types of Chemical Reactions(1) LAB: The Synthesis of their lab notebooks before getting their instructor’s initials in their lab notebooks. Nuclear Chemistry with Vernier Lab Manual Experiments Nuclear Radiation with Vernier contains six free experiments for data collection with a radiation monitor including Distance and Radiation, Counting Statistics, Lifetime Measurement, Background Ca(OH) 2. 2622g Hydrates are ionic compounds (salts) that have a definite amount of water (water of hydration) as part of their structure. Equipment/Materials: Crucible (without lid), clay triangle or wire triangle, iron ring, ring stand, lab burner (Bunsen or Fisher), crucible tongs, electronic balance, heat pad, approx. strontium hydroxide Ba(OH) 2. The first frame shows an evaporating dish with crystals of copper II sulfate, in hydrated form. In this lab activity, students use Rainbow cookies and take them apart. about two hours before heading out. I usually use a 1:10 dilution – 1 ml of dry yeast to 10 ml of tap water. The quantitative analysis of a metal carbonate is carried out to determine percent CO. 10 Finish Hydrates lab 11 Hydrates lab analysis Stoichiometry Worksheet. To give an example one might find in a bio lab: perhaps a water bath's This lab will provide practice regarding the determination of an empirical formula. Discover tools to implement for a safer lab. Anhydrous salt – a After completing an experiment to determine gravimetrically the percentage of water in a hydrate, a student reported a value of 38 percent. Mar 26, 2020 · Some errors in the chemistry lab result from an unclear definition or expectation of what the experiment is supposed to record. 20: 21: 22 Limiting Reagent and stoichiometry practice problems: 23 Percent Yield. In order to qualify to complete the virtual lab, all solve crumple toss problems must be completed successfully. Find the student guides for all science courses. You will be graded on the quality, completeness, correctness, and style of your writing. Chemical Bonds Virtual Lab Answer Key Formula Of A Hydrated Salt Lab Report Hydrates are compounds that contain water with a definite mass in the form of H_2O in their molecular formula. 5 Hydrate Virtual Lab ZOOM 9/1; 2. The paper In five wells on a ceramic spot plate, place 2 drops of 0. 211 g/mol. You will need to know that when collecting a gas over an aqueous solution, in this case H2 over aqueous HCl, the collected gas contains H2O vapor. Chemistry: Lab – % Composition of a Hydrate Introduction: Salt Compounds that contain water molecules attached are called hydrates, or hydrated salts. Complete the folowing and submit your answers as a word document in Canvas. Fill in the blanks in the chart below and answer the three questions. Formation of a red precipitate of cuprous oxide in the bottom and along the sides of the test tube immediately, only monosaccharides answer this test. Lab ,. The analysis of the metal carbonate is carried out to determine percent CO 2 and used to determine the identity of the metal carbonate. Now that the basic principles of the empirical formula have been explained, lets confirm the empirical formula of a copper chloride hydrate in the laboratory. embryo. a) When HCl is added, the equilibrium would shift right. The correct value for the percentage of water in the hydrate is 51 percent. This assignment is due . 65% or 15%. There are many products on the market but Hyper hydration along with H2Pro Hydrate 1500 are the strongest electrolyte mixtures I’ve been able to use successfully with my athletes. Remember to apply the test-taking system carefully, work the system to get more of these molecules are all the same. 0. Many pro athletes like to use this formula in high heat and humidity situations. Experimental Question: How can we experimentally determine the formula of an unknown hydrate, A? Testable Prediction: Our unknown hydrate may be a hydrate of copper(II) sulfate, magnesium sulfate, iron(III) chloride, or iron(III) nitrate. Zinc 3. co. 5 to 2. The purpose of the Properties of Hydrates lab was to be able to identify if a substance was a hydrate or not. Rehydrate: Drinking after exercise gets your fluid levels back to normal and can help with recovery. 20 - PhET Interactive Simulations broadcast answers to phet lab the ramp can be one of the Answers To Phet Lab The Ramp - mail. 2013–2015 Morrill Professor, Iowa State University. At the equivalence point in the titration of a weak base with a strong acid, the resulting solution is slightly acidic due to the presence of the conjugate acid. All of our virtual lab products include laboratory activities and lab books for students to record procedures, data, and to submit results. ppsx format. Anhydrous salt u2013 a crystalline, ionic compound Lab - Determining the Chemical Formula of a Hydrate Author: Dianne G. Chem - Empirical Formula of a Hydrate - Formal Lab - Google Docs <div class="docs-butterbar-container"><div Lab Exercise: Percent Water in a Hydrate Introduction: A hydrate is a crystalline solid that traps water as part of its crystal structure. MEMORY METER. With t of cop mass 7. Calculate the mass of water lost from the hydrate. and used to determine the identity of the metal carbonate. List the five metals in decreasing order of reactivity. About 5mL 2N HCl is added and diluted to 150mL with distilled water. It is cool to have the students do this lab, because they are creating a reversible reaction which is fun for them to see. Perform the following calculations NEATLY SHOWING ALL WORK: Calculate the mass of the hydrate that was added to the crucible (before heating). Chemistry resources include a current Chemistry Course Calendar, chapter notes, worksheets, review sheets, and labs for Chemistry. calcium hydroxide Sr(OH) 2. Dec 24, 2007 · The next source has another virtual titration lab. In lab, experiments where conducted to see if a compound was a hydrate or not. If you’ll be exercising in warm weather for 60 minutes or longer, you’ll need to replace sodium and other electrolytes in addition to water. The gas in the flask at the end of the reaction will also contain the air initially in the Erlenmeyer flask. When hydrates are heated, the water is released fro This experiment answers the age-old question, “Which came first, the rubber egg or the rubber chicken?” It’s easy to make a rubber, or “naked,” egg if you understand the chemistry of removing the hard eggshell. Answers to Selected Questions: None of the questions should give students any great difficulty. Each type of hydrate traps water in its own unique way, but heating a hydrate will release the water and leave the dehydrated material behind. Magnesium is reacted with oxygen from the air in a crucible, and the masses before and after the oxidation are measured. Powder clumped together: Decomposition – Hydrate: CoCl2(s) + H2O(l) → CoCl2*6H2O(s) CoCl2(s) + 6H2O(l) → CoCl2*6H2O(s) Solid absorbed liquid. Jan 13, 2016 · LAB % COMPOSITION OF A HYDRATE. Lab 6 Astronomical Spectroscopy. How is the formula of a hydrate determined in the lab? 4. And, you could also, dump the configuration parts that matter to a CSV and then write a script to create a switch and then link all the appropriate VMs (based on Lab Report: Percent Composition and Empirical Formula of Hydrate Your Name: _____ Prelab Questions Answer each of the following before starting the lab. The study of chemistry is broad and far-reaching, the perfect discipline to be part of Albright’s liberal arts and sciences education. The water is chemically combined with the salt in a definite ratio. 1. Which of the following is the most likely explanation for this difference? 2. • Part IV includes two additional practice tests. Comments (-1) Introduction to the Lab - Lab Safety Properties of Ionic and Covalent Substances Lab AP LABS Chapters 3-4 Classwork answer sheets - frequency, wavelength, energy: Unit 1 and 2 - 1-significant figure practice 1 - Virtual Precipitate lab Unit 9 Mrs. 2006 Visiting Professor, University of Arizona. Close-toed shoes and pants need to be worn on all lab days. weebly. Leave the stirring rod in the beaker. Don’t hydrate the yeast until just before the lab. 58 grams percent of water in the hydrate: 29% molar mass of CuSo4: 160 g molar mass of H20: 18 g (This is the composition of Virtual spreadsheet gases 1. 24g)] *100 = 14. Studies have produced varying recommendations over the years. Each wet lab student document will outline the required materials to complete the lab. · mrpauller. The UCHealth Longs Peak Hospital laboratory, located on the first floor in front of the surgery waiting room, is open 24/7 for your testing needs. CONCLUSION: Answer the following questions using complete sentences. What is the formula for your hydrate? Look in your textbook, the handbook of chemistry, or another reference to see if the formula you found matches any of the known formulas . For example, hydrated calcium nitrate is written: Ca(NO3)2 ( 4 H2O and is called calcium nitrate tetrahydrate. Students will write a lab report when they are done with the lab activity, they will need to research some topics in order to answer some of the questions for their lab reports. 80 % H , and 15. Prediction When the Covalent Bonding Study Material Virtual Hydrate Lab Sample Calculations Formula of a Hydrate Lab. The general formula for mass percent is: (mass of the part you want / mass of the entire sample) x 100% Record your answers above. The class focused on the effects that high temperatures had on the hydrate and took notes on the chemical changes that occured. Place hottes absol 4. 4. pdf . Roseville, CA 95747-7100 Toll Free 800-772-8700 To 2 mL of the test solution add about 2-3 mL of Barfoed’s reagent. William weighs an empty beaker and finds it to have a mass of 95. 2,300,000+ candidates including 750,000+ developers, 170,000+ designers, and thousands more every day. Salt Experimental percentage of water present in your hydrate. Moles Lab Activity 3: Compounds Time: Students will need about 5–10 minutes at each lab station to do initial calculations and measurements. After putting a spoonful of an unknown hydrate into the beaker, he finds that the mass has increased slightly to 99. 97 g then the percent yield is: I gave them a few notes on hydrates and how we name them. PURPOSE: To determine the percentage of water in  Virtual Lab: Hydrates. At the end of the lab is an example page of how to do the calculations on page 22 after you have completed the data. MgCl2 x 6H2O (s) -> MgCl2 (s) + 6H2O (g) Why was mass lost from the crucible during the reaction? The water of hydration was released as water vapor. Pre-hydrate: It’s common practice to pre-hydrate before exercising. Formal Lab Report. All rights reserved. Precipitate formed. Choose the closest answer. Pre-Lab Questions: 1. Virtual Staging. The purpose of the lab was to create a different smelling mixture over time from a variety of different alcohols and acids. net Naming Acids Chemical Bonds Virtual Lab Answer Key. The lab   Then answer these questions: 1. com Acidity Of Beverages Flinn Chemfax PDF Chem Fax Lab Answers - dev. 250 GRAMS. and circle final answers to receive credit. Lab 1: Determining the Empirical Formula of a Compound: The goal of this experiment is to determine the Empirical Formula of a Compound. Do this "Properties of Ionic and Covalent Compounds" Lab . 33-Hy and its  MASS OF CRUCIBLE & HYDRATED SALT, 16. The formula of a hydrate is represented in a special manner. CHEM 2123 and 2125 – Organic Chemistry Lab I and II GUIDELINES FOR WRITING LAB REPORTS INTRODUCTION Writing reports in organic chemistry lab may differ from the way it’s done in general chemistry. You may use any items present on the lab counters. LEGIT Website For Download PDF Epub mr palermo. Make "Candy Compounds" with gumdrops and toothpicks in this lab. Use the information to answer the questions. Mar 25, 2015. Look at your answers to #3 and #4 above. Nov 14, 2020 · Finish Hydrate Worksheet 9 hydrates lab. 11 Oct 2020 This key property can be improved by the formation Moreover, new hydrate V was found and an unusual stoichiometry of 0. 97 g ----- × 100% = 92% 4. on-line or obtain a full printable version from the Descriptive Labs homepage. com POST LAB QUESTIONS In addition to your pre-lab, data and observations, answer the following questions in your lab notebook. Apuohjelmia Tekijänä: Virtual Lab 17. The anhydrous residue had to be water soluble 3. What two things make up hydrates? 2. Mass of Hydrate (step #3) - Mass of Anhydrous salt (step #5) = mass of water lost from heating the hydrate 2. Use the answers from above to list the five metals in order of decreasing reactivity. What are you supposed to be learning about by doing the lab? The goal of this lab is to help you learn about a scientific concept (principle, theory, law) or about a laboratory procedure. Hydrate lab due. 74g/10. 3 grams of an unknown hydrate (in plastic bags or bottles) Procedure: Virtual lab pictures and videos Lab handout to be filled in, and analysis questions to be answered with CSIQ. Detailed calculations shown; Accurate data recorded (5 ± 0. • You will incur a 10% penalty for every day that your lab report is late; thus, if a lab report is more than 10 days late, you will receive a zero for that report. In your simulator you should see a Lab set up with a Bunsen burner and a crucible containing a blue hydrate salt. Purpose · To determine the percentage composition of water in a hydrate of Copper (II) Sulfate · To determine the chemical formula of CuSO4∙xH2O. Check out the syllabus for a link to our BB Collaborate. youtube. Generic Lab Documents Descriptive Lab Report Guide De Oct 23, 2009 · So, I've been having problems with figuring out hydrates, specifically this problem. Teacher will answer any questions that the students have after completing the activity. This kit is tested on both Hyper-V and VMware virtual platforms, but should really work on any virtualization platform that can boot from an ISO. Each of the experiments is self-contained, with sufficient background material, to conduct and understand the experiment. In this virtual lab you will: 1. January 8 and 9, 2020 1. World's largest library of math & science simulations. The percent of water in the original hydrate can be calculated easily: % H2O = Mass of water x 100 Jan 03, 2020 · CW 3: Composition of Hydrates. Tutorial: Virtual ChemLab. Instead, think about specific things that happened during the lab exercise where the end results may have been affected. This lab will work with whatever you have available. percent of water lost by the hydrate can be calculated. Colour change into a dark purple Lab 2 - Determination of the Empirical Formula of Magnesium Oxide Goal and Overview The quantitative stoichiometric relationships governing mass and amount will be studied using the combustion reaction of magnesium metal. Hydrate Lab This lab is very good for the students to understand the concept of a hydrate and what happens to the hydrate when heated. A general recommendation is to drink about 17–20 fl. Search terms Search form submit button. This is because this lab will extend those concepts and students need a solid grasp on the concepts prior to using them in a real life scenario. For instance, several chemists might get different answers when measuring a piece of rope or rubber band if they do not know what the tension is supposed to be. Safety glasses are required and must be worn at all times in the laboratory, no exceptions, ever. The solid remains unchanged except for the loss of the water. 5 grams of hydrate. hydrate virtual lab answers